Reiki Sounds

Mary as Harpist

From pub to symphony performances, even emergency editing the Folk Harp Journal, Mary’s musical offerings and experiences have enriched the lives of many.

Current short bio: Mary is the current website person for Melody’s (Melody’s Traditional Music Harp Store). She has held positions in various symphony orchestras, large and small, throughout the Midwest and Texas. She has been freelancing in the Houston area for close to three decades. Mary was director of music/organist at St. Therese Catholic church in Milwaukee where she also taught harp and piano for the Milwaukee Public Schools. She’s been the staff pianist for Waller (TX) ISD, and currently has a small studio of piano and harp students. She is also the founder of “Harp Teachers Gathering” – a community of and for harp teachers, and as editor of Afghan Press Music for the Harp, she also chairs a Zoom Publishing Group. Mary is also a member of the Irish Fest (Milwaukee) Peace and Justice orchestra. She has a B.M. in music ed and applied harp from Alverno College, Milwaukee, WI. She has studied with Jeanne Henderson, Louise Trotter and Paula Page.

Short list of experience:

Teaching: Public school teacher certified K-12: choir, music theory, group piano, group harp, general music, band
Private teaching: studio of 18 harp and piano students
Performing: varied types of music from subbing for the Houston Symphony to playing in pubs from 1983 – present.
Liturgical: 8 years as liturgical musician for Catholic churches
Administrative: chaired Int’l Folk Harp conference and other large scale events. Current president of Gulf Coast Harpers

Short Bio (old): Mary began harp studies with Jeanne Henderson in the Milwaukee Public Schools. She taught public school music before moving to Houston where she free-lanced and subbed with the Houston Symphony and Ballet orchestras. Mary has served as regional director of the AHS, president of the Scottish Harp Society and the ISFHC, and interim editor-in-chief of the Folk Harp Journal. In the 90s Mary and husband John Gill established Afghan Press and Melody’s Traditional Music, both named for their beloved hound Melody (1987 – 1998). Mary and John are active in Afghan Hound and Golden Retriever Rescue.