Reiki Sounds

Case Studies

Augusta, Afghan Hound, multiple issues due to being left out in the TX heat for 5 months with little food or water. For Augusta’s story in PDF – click augusta

Spark Plug Story – cat, abscess from cat fight.  Administered silica cell salt, abscess opened and drained, no need for traumatic trip to vet. Yippee!

Another Afghan Hound Story – (dental) – Secret, afghan hound rescue suffering from acute infected mouth.  Standard dental required 10 extractions.  Jaw broke.  Required trip to specialist.  Upon recheck, complications occurred due to severe biochemical deficiencies. Mouth still extremely infected, bones still infected, gums not healing, discussed euthanizing pet. Administered:

  • coq10
    Reliv Classic*
    Reliv ProVantage (contains amino acids for healing)*
    NZymes (
    Mannatech glyconutrients (Ambrotose)*
    Vitamin C
    Hepar Sulph – 3 doses 30c
    Silica – one dose 30C
    FES Flower Essence: Self Heal

Secret healed within one week.

*Bioplasma is all 12 cell salts together.  I heard somewhere that bioplasma is very good for a sore mouth where after a dental, healing takes a long time.  You can purchase cell salts at any good health food store.

*Reliv is a powdered multiple vitamin that contains an odd combination of stuff that works very well in many cases. I use the classic and the provantage.  The provantage, to me, feeds the muscles of the body. I have also used it on my Saluki (RIP Tiflah) for her heart condition and it was really great for that.  I also have a friend who used the provantage on her cat with a heart condition.  The cat was given a couple of months to live and she ended up living 6 years. If you’re interested in Reliv, you can visit  If you would like to order the product, please you my RCN number, which is _________.

*Mannatech Glyconutrients are essential sugars, no longer found in the food we eat today.  These glyconutrients, when added to Augusta’s and Secret’s food, seems to give it a great boost.  If you’re interested in ordering Mannatech Glyconutrients, please visit  I always order the powdered Ambrotose, and it lasts about 3 months for me. 

We’re currently working with a severely thunderphobic dog.  She will have a category unto herself!