Reiki Sounds


There are a number of books on flower essences for pets – just Google the topic. I have downloaded many onto my Kindle.

Dog Aware – This site really provides everything that you need to know that is healthy dog related – it is superbly researched and I refer to it very often:
Dog Aware – the site doesn’t have an SSL, so if you just type in  without the http in front of it, you should be able to get to it.  Tons of great information. 

Flower Essences – working on the emotional level, which may or may not affect the physical – FES Flower Essences. There is a blog on the site, too.

Here are a few products I always have on hand:

FES Flower Essences
Cell Salts from the Health Food Store
Cut n Heal from the feed store
Arnica 6c

I keep arnica in my purse.