Reiki Sounds

Harp Tea

The silence of listening without speaking helps us to draw from our inner wisdom. Bring your favorite book of poetry, a blank journal, a crystal for meditation, Bible or other Sacred Text, (sacred to you may be a Native American crystal or herb book, a book of Celtic poetry; please honor what you feel is sacred), or whatever helps you self connect. This can be an incredible experience. We finish with tea and sharing. This can be done in your home or your spiritual center, wherever you can have a nice cup of tea and some quiet reading time.

I learned of this idea from a harp student of mine who invited me to one of her harp teas where she played as we all sat in silence and read from the Bible. I joined in wholly for the experience bringing my old Catholic Bible, not knowing what to expect and remaining open to Highest Good. The experience for me was blessed especially since the very next day an incredulous transformation occurred!

This event is not dissimilar to “Self Connection,” except that it is done in total silence for your own reflection and it is led by your inner self.

I bring my harp and selected print music that is reflective in nature, and I simply play reverently while contemplating the Reiki Principals:

Just for Today Don’t get angry
Just for Today Don’t worry
Just for Today Be grateful
Just for Today Work hard
Just for Today Be kind to others (Earth, People, Plants and Animals)

At the end of one hour, tea and light food arranged by the host is served. Those who wish to share may do so, those who wish to remain silent are given that respected opportunity.

This services works for any number of people even upwards to 50. The host of the event should remind the guests to arrive on time, and bring whatever text or item will help them self connect and go within. We remind the host that places to sit are important, and some food and beverage is really a nice touch. The way the event runs is up to the host, these are just suggestions. The main idea is to go within for a period of about an hour in silence while harp music facilitates the reflection.