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Foster Dog Kennedy

I’m an older guy. If given the choice between a walk and a ride, the car wins every time. I LOVE sitting in the back seat. I don’t window surf; but going places, looking out the window and feeling the motion…. it’s bliss. It’s all about the journey. Maybe it’s just a motion thing, but I love the heck out of going places with my people. Even if it’s a short ride. If you stop at Starbucks, I won’t demand a biscuit, either. I just look at the barista and smile my big beautiful happy smile.

I also love balls. I enjoy the chase, at first, but then I kinda like to hang onto the ball. I like playing keep away. It’s just fun.

I am a good eater, but not demanding. Treats are always a nice bonus.

If you like to watch TV, I will lie on the floor and keep you company – no need to be lonely when I’m around.

I’m able to get up and down stairs pretty good. I think I’d prefer carpeted stairs, but I’m able to maneuver plain wood ones.

I sleep sound all night. On occasion, you may hear me snore.

I love kids. FM has piano students come over, sometimes with their parents or siblings. That’s always such a pleasure.

During the day I hang out with Foster Dad at the “shop”. When the mailman comes to pick up, I am so happy. He walks in the door and I bark at first but when I see him, it’s like OH THE MAILMAN. He gives me good pets. Anytime I hear people coming in I bark, but as soon as I realize that it’s someone who’s A-OK, then it’s velcro time! I love getting pets! What can I say? – I’m just a big lover.

I’m very adaptable. There have been lots of changes over the past month, but I just go with the flow. I do have my special bed that’s like a security blanket.

Kennedy had (TPLO) surgery in 2017. His knees are sort of bowed. When he lies on the floor, his legs splay. It doesn’t seem to bother him. He’s a little slow getting up or laying down.

Kennedy and his brother Churchill were surrendered to Golden Beginnings when their parents could no longer care for them. The famously named pair were not bonded, and Kennedy is really thriving.

There are 2 cats in the household, who are both fraidy cats. We think he would be fine with a bold cat.  Our cats are afraid of dogs no matter what.

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