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Growing Ginger in Texas

So I’m not an expert on growing anything, but it is really fun to grow ginger.  The leaves are beautiful and you can dry them for use in tea.  My original rhizomes were from Sprouts – organic to make sure it wasn’t sprayed with something that would prevent it from sprouting.  I planted them in late March in the Houston area. The roots, which need to be in the ground for 10 months or so, became pretty big.  The leaves died off after a brief freeze, but the roots stayed well in the ground until I dug them up late February.

When the leaves first came up way back when, I didn’t recognize them, but after finding pictures on the internet, I was pretty thrilled that my ginger was growing well.  I put it in a bed under a pecan tree.

I just found a recipe for carrot/ginger soup which I’ll try out really soon.

Bottom left is a bunch of ginger, and to the right is the turmeric crop to the right of the ginger crop.