Yellow flowers are my favorite.  With the coming of fall, the yellow flowers are in their full glory!

L to R: Flowering Senna, Marigolds, and I’m not sure – it’s in the field out back.

L to R: Swamp sunflower, Mexican mint marigold, and a yellow weed.

L to R: Golden Thryallis, weeds in the field, Tickseed sunflower.  The field, sadly, will be gone soon as Trammel Crow is building a business park.  More concrete and vacant buildings.  We are doing our part by joining Homegrown National Park. 

One of my passions is gardening and watching the wildlife, especially moths and other bugs. I recently attended a seminar put on by Doug Tallamy who believes that if we, as individuals, convert a piece of our lawn into a natural habitat by planting natives to our area, our environment will begin to heal. I have recently joined a website called
We have registered our yard with Homegrown National Park and We’re “on the map.” !!!!!
I enclose a picture of one of our native prairie gardens. It’s about 4×4.
I have given myself the challenge of making an additional 150 sq. ft. into native habitat.  When it’s complete, I’ll report it to Homegrown National Park.
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