Rob is much better today [after distance Reiki sent to a client with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome] –MW, Stevens Point, WI

Wilson – Maltese with digestive problems: We adopted Wilson in 2007 when he was six years of age. Within weeks we could see he had some sort of digestive challenge as evidenced by frequent vomiting and bouts of diarrhea. His vet was at a loss as a change of diet made no difference, and eventually Wilson was prescribed a special hypoallergenic dry food. This mostly, although not completely alleviated the symptoms, but it was not a happy situation for Wilson who was not a fan of the new menu. He was badly missing his favorite foods, especially chicken. Mary kindly offered to do a long distance reading on Wilson and her conclusion was that he would definitely benefit from probiotics [non-dairy]. The change in Wilson was amazing and virtually instantaneous! His vet is still unable to explain why such a simple measure could work as well as it has. Three years later Wilson is a sturdy, happy little fellow who brings us much joy, and whom I know would like to join with us to thank Mary for greatly improving his quality of life. – Mary P, Canberra Australia

After I suffered a foot injury while moving a refrigerator, Mary and I spoke about Reiki and she volunteered to work on my situation. While the pain may have run its course naturally, it may also have been alleviated by an outside force that I don’t understand. I don’t know what I was supposed to feel as a Reiki “target”, but I did quit feeling the pain. – LP, Dallas TX

Mary’s Reiki meditation took me to a place of peace and harmony. Through her music Mary helped me reach a deeper state of meditation. I have also played her harp music for animals that are sick and/or getting ready to cross over. It seems to bring them peace in a difficult time. Before I met Mary I had never listened to harp music (with the exception of the symphony). She has introduced me to a whole new world of beautiful music. –Sally Shultis FCCI, BCRS, CRTS-A, LSH