Services Offered

Personal Meditations created just for you.  This is very specialized and individual, so call to make arrangements with Mary for this memorable gift. See the “Meditations Tab” under “Reiki Sounds” for three examples of meditations.  You can download them for free!

“Each one of us has a symphony of tones that resonates and vibrates our cells, to such a degree that it can bring about molecular changes. Because we are energetic individuals, each of us has specific tones, our personal tones, and when played in a serene setting, have a dramatic effect on our body. As the notes of vibration float over us, the energy enters our body, resonating with our cells, assisting in a shift which then allows the body to use the energy to make changes.

Listening to our own personal music has a profound effect on all the levels of who we are. To walk away from a session with a recording of the music played especially and only for you, allows you to listen again and again, reinforcing the session.  

In the angelic world, the harp is a favorite instrument that calls their attention and brings them near to be a part of the beauty.   Your session would include the syllables of change with each harp note, and the participation of the angels who become fully engaged and drawn to the harp, willing to assist as your healing session unfolds.

The beauty of this needs to be experienced only once to understand where it can take you. Mary Radspinner’s gift of music talent and her understanding of the energetic world can help relieve stress and bring balance to your body, mind and soul. — Lynne Carol Austin, author