Links and Products

There are a number of books on flower essences for pets – just Google the topic. I have downloaded many onto my Kindle.

Detailed links for specific purposes can be found in the other cell salts pages on this site.

Dog Aware – This site really provides everything that you need to know that is healthy dog related – it is superbly researched and I refer to it often.

Flower Essences – working on the emotional level, which may or may not affect the physical – FES Flower Essences

Here are a few products I try to always have on hand:

Reliv Classic
Reliv Provantage
Young Living Essential Oils
FES Flower Essences
Mannatech Ambrotose
Cell Salts from the Health Food Store
Cut n Heal from the feed store
Arnica 6c
Five Flower Formula

Arnica is a homeopathic remedy that excels in reducing swelling from any kind of physical trauma:  dental work, bruising, falling, etc.

Recently I have been relying on information at Perelandra.  Perelandra sells wonderful flower essences and there is great information for those of us who are very much into preserving the planet and caring for nature.