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Services Currently Offered by Reiki Sounds

Reiki Treatment in Person

During your in-person session, I use a very light touch, with hands held in twelve positions on your body's energy centers. If you would prefer, my hands can be above your body.

Usually people feel warmth or even hot hands. Sometimes a slight vibration. Don't worry if you feel nothing - Reiki energy is still working. You may feel the effects of your Reiki session even a week after. You may experience a detox, you may feel more content or relaxed.

Reiki compliments other forms of medical care, and is being used in Hospitals, Chiropractic offices and other medical facilities. A series of sessions may prove beneficial if you have a persistent challenge.

Reiki Distance Treatment

We are more than our physical bodies. We are vibratory creatures with unseen energy fields, energy centers, and roadways. In Reiki, we use symbols to represent ideas and intentions for Highest Good. We don't really need these symbols, but they do help connect us, and since we are all one and all together, use of symbols to facilitate connection is appropriate.

Sending distance Reiki is done with intention.  True intention is very powerful. Reiki is sent to the spiritual, emotion, mental and physical levels for 10-20 minutes each. I usually use a surrogate doll to help me focus. My preference is to set a time where you will know the Energy is running and you can be aware of any feelings and changes.

Self Connection and Balance

Using seven beautiful melodies, affirmations and mudras, we  explore connection and gratitude in quiet reverence with grateful listening. This is a one-hour music meditation and can be done at your spiritual center, your home, chapel, hospital chapel, or any other appropriately reverent location.

Harp Tea

The silence of listening without speaking helps us to draw from our inner wisdom. Bring your favorite book of poetry, a blank journal, a crystal for meditation, Bible or other Sacred Text, or whatever helps you self connect. This can be an amazing experience. We finish with tea and sharing. This can be done in your home or your spiritual center, wherever you can have a nice cup of tea and some quiet reading time.

Various Classes, Events and Meetings

Please see the Events/Classes page for more information.

Please note: This information is intended for educational purposes only and does not attempt to diagnose, treat or prescribe. The information presented here should not be used as a substitute for medical counseling; any one suffering from disease, illness or injury should consult a qualified health care professional.