Reiki Sounds Welcomes You

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Sacred Feminine Circle

Join us for a Sacred Feminine Circle of chanting, mandala drawing and sharing using “The Mandala Healing Kit Workbook” by Judith Cornell, Ph. D.  Dr. Cornell says, “The practice of creating mandalas as a sacred art and spiritual science of consciousness originated many thousands of years ago in the holy land of India.”

We celebrate by symbolizing the planting of a light garden. What do you want to manifest for yourself, your family, the world?

With our intention we will move Energy from Left to Right to honor Mother Earth and Sacred Feminine.

Join us for this symbolic evening. You are welcome to bring your intent, or even a picture of a person or animal for which you want the circle to send Light and Healing. A couple of years ago a friend brought her guitar and sang a beautiful original work for us.  Very special.

Please check late fall and winter for dates - thank you!

Donation to Golden Beginnings Golden Retriever Rescue if you feel so moved. Date to be announced.