Reiki Sounds Welcomes You

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Reiki Treatment in Person

During your in-person session, I use a very light touch, with hands held in twelve positions on your body's energy centers. If you would prefer, my hands can be above your body  - this is completely up to you.  At the very beginning of the session I scan above your body with my hands to determine where more Reiki Energy may be needed.

Usually people feel warmth or even hot hands. Sometimes a slight vibration. Don't worry if you feel nothing - Reiki energy is still working. You may feel the effects of your Reiki session even a week after. You may experience a detox, you may feel more content or relaxed. Always drink lots of water both before and after a session. Energy runs best in a hydrated body.

  • Reiki can:
  • reduce stress
  • enhance the immune system
  • improve concentration
  • improve your quality of life

Reiki compliments other forms of medical care, and is being used in Hospitals, Chiropractic offices and other medical facilities. A series of sessions may prove beneficial if you have a persistent challenge.