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Self Connection and Balance - in person or via SKYPE, for groups or one person.

Group version:

Using seven beautiful melodies, affirmations and mudras, we  explore connection and gratitude in quiet reverence with grateful listening. This is a one-hour music meditation and can be done for a group at your spiritual center, your home, chapel, hospital chapel, or any other appropriately reverent location.  

Careful choices of music, text, and mudras along with grounding essential oils assist in balancing the energy systems of the body, mind and spirit.  It is a casual event and your comfort is very important.  It is a quiet listening time open to reflecting questions of the self and if you want, receiving input from others in the room if that is how we flow that day, (or not).

I bring my harp, oils, and handouts of suggested readings.  Mainly it is for reflective listening and going within.  Mudras, oils, and readings are for you to optionally use at the time, but you may prefer solely to sit, listen and reflect.

The music selections are in keys which have been known to resonate with the body’s energy centers.

My fee for this service is $175.00 and I will come to your location within 50 miles.  Let me know if your event is further than that.  This services works best for a smallish group of 5-7 people.

This service would also be a really nice gift to offer your good friends at a special time of year, such as the equinox or solstice, or birthday or any important and meaningful date.

Private Session via SKYPE:

Essentially the same as the group version, but with myself, the harp and you over the Internet.  Since I don’t have to travel, the fee for this is $55.  The session lasts about 55 minutes.   

Falling Snow Sound File.mp3

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Falling Snow by

Meg Robinson.  Relaxing harp music played by Mary.