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How I Came to Know Reiki

In studying various forms of vibrational healing, some of them quite complicated, I was led to take a Reiki I course. After experiencing powerful changes in myself and my family during the month of self-work following Reiki I, I realized that Reiki's simplicity is the absolute beauty of it. I continued to read books, practice on myself and 16 months later took Reiki II. After further study and intense self work with impressive results on both myself and our pets, I decided to become a Reiki Master Teacher.

As a Reiki practitioner certified at the Master/Teacher level, I continue to study Reiki because of the transformations I have seen in my life and the lives of my pets.   I have studied under five Reiki teachers, drinking up all they have to offer. I am a Licensed Spiritual Healer LSH #1079 since May 2012, a certified veterinary homeopath (British Institute of Homeopathy), a certified Raindrop Technique Specialist, and am currently studying for Therapeutic Music Certification. My membership in the International Center for Reiki Training [Reiki Membership Association] keeps me in touch with the latest Reiki advancements. I teach out of my home studio (winters in TX, summers in WI). With a degree in music education, teaching comes naturally to me, and I am happy to merge these skills.


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Mary is actively involved in the following, and works out of Houston in the winter/spring  and Milwaukee in the summer/fall: Harp Lessons | Harp Lessons using Skype | Harp Meditations | Free Harp Meditation downloads | Harp and Reiki | Reiki Harp Events | Reiki Harp Meditations and Sessions | Chakra Balancing with Harp | Background Music | Christmas Music for Harp | Christmas Ensembles for harp, cello and flute or harp and cello | Piano Accompaniment | Sacred Music | Substitute Organist and Pianist for Catholic,  Lutheran, and Episcopal Church Services | Substitute Choral Conductor | Substitute Music Teacher (public or private schools) | Accompanist for student UIL competitions | Piano Lessons | Therapeutic Harp at the Bedside | Young Living Essential Oils (CRTS) | Veterinary Homeopathy | Music as a Healing Tool |  832-813-2663 | | Houston and Milwaukee